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Fantasy writer- writing

jediknightmuse in muse_prompts

Mod post- general stuff and virus warning

So...hi. This community has, sadly, been rather quiet. No one has responded to either of the prompts we posted last week, which makes me a sad mod. :( I was hoping that this community would do fairly well since prompts for original fantasy are hard to come by. There is, of course, still time for it to get better, which means we need help. You can start by maybe taking a look at this post where the first set of prompts was posted and maybe responding to the "adoptable stuff" portion of it, as well as the actual writing prompt. Please don't be afraid to post anything you write for the regular prompt to the community- that's the main point, after all.

Also, feel free to introduce yourself! Don't be shy.

Do you have any suggestions for prompts, maybe? Or...I don't know. Is there something more we could do to encourage you to post responses to the prompts? Please let us know by commenting to this post or sending one of us a PM via LJ.

Lastly, here's the other reason for my post. Apparently there's some sort of virus being spread around through journaling sites such as Livejournal. Basically, someone hacks into a community, specifically those with open membership, and makes a post saying that the community is going to close. They place links into the post, which when clicked on install software on your computer which can give hackers access to passwords and personal information.

Now, obviously I'm crossing my fingers and am hoping that no one will do that to this community or any of my others that I run (or am a member of), but I want to say right now that we are NOT planning on closing muse_prompts! If you by some chance see a post here (or really, anywhere in the communities you're a member of) claiming that the community is closing, DO NOT click on any links in the post! You can report the post to LJ Support by clicking the red flag icon or the flag link, depending on which viewing option you use. It's also a good idea to hover your cursor over any links you're thinking about clicking, just to make sure they redirect to the place you're actually hoping to go.

I haven't actually HEARD of this actually happening to anyone, so I don't know if it's just a rumor or anything, but I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Again, muse_prompts is NOT closing, and if it ever does it will be for a mutual reasoning between myself and tigerlilymusing, which would probably either have something to do with lack of activity or just being too busy to properly run the community...but seeing as how the community is only a few weeks old, I doubt we'll be closing it any time soon.

(To give credit where it's due: I basically reiterated a post that was made to swicontest by amidala_thrace and used the same information they gave about the virus.)