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Harrison and I

jediknightmuse in muse_prompts

First Prompt- Adoptable Stuff and Regular Prompt

So, this week we're doing things a little different and the first set of prompts for this coming week is being posted today!

Remember, you have all week (or really any time) to respond to the regular prompts. For the Adoptable Stuff, you can respond to this post with your suggestions.

Regular Prompt: Write a short story in the point of view of a new character. She has never been to your city, so she'll need a little guidance and a lot of introductions to the regular hangouts, the main staff of characters, and, if you'd like, the plot.

The regular prompt is general enough that it can work for either genre.

Adoptable Stuff: Adopt-a-Title

The titles you suggest can be one word, five words, whatever. They can be something like "[Character Name] and the Mystery of Kiwi Island" or something along those lines.

You can suggest titles for either genre.

Have fun, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!